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Dear all, Friends of Tibet and Practitioners...

This year 2014 our main project is to help to organize a big Shitro-Ritual, which will be performed by arround 800 tibetan Yogis and Yoginis. June 25th to 27th 2014 the ritual will take place in the Retreat centre Rigdzin Rabpel Ling in the small mountain village Gyawo Chuja, near Rebkong in Amdo/ Tibet. Ngak Mang International e.V. will coordinate the donations for the preparations of the ritual. We are also planning a pilgrimage to be part of the ritual for all interested people.

The Shitro-Ritual is important for deceased people of the year, but also for beloved people that passed away before and for practioners. The aim is to help the deceased person to get a good rebirth and to reduce all kinds of obstacles.

Generally the ritual is one of the most important rituals for the death. Death has to be considered as a very crucial part of our life and according to buddhist philosophy death and the time after death is just another transitional part of being.

If we accept death within our lifes we will create harmony within our life and we make peace with our own death. The Shitro ritual is a great opportunity to open our mind for both: Life and Death.