How to reach us!

Ngak Mang International e.V.

+49 (0)172 6730059

Office times
Wednesday 15:00-17:00
Saturday     10:00-12:00

 member will


Freelancing welcome

Dear members and friends of the organisation,

Every organisation is alive throutgh their people and their engagment. Therefore we invite everyone that like to join. We have to do many thigs and for sure we can find a function/ task according to your abilities.  
We need support for administrativ works for events, office dutys, creative project management, text works, web page care, puplic talks and some more.
Our Organisation should be understood as blooming garden, that is to enjoy and cultivate, but especially as cooperation, that wants to be lived activly together. Through our positive actions we can collect also spiritual merit and wisdom and the result, that we we can gain, will be beautiful to behold. Namely the treasure of the Ngakpa-tradition, that will be integrated into the modern society and will be in this sense beneficial for the community, including humans, animals and nature.