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The Tibetan Yogi village

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Gyawo Chuja located in Amdo near Rebgong . The house is located there ngakpa Rigzin Rabpel Ling is an important place in the history of ngakpa tradition. Rigzin Tashi Palden (1688-1743) renovated the 12th Jahrundert , from the rLang family , built ngakpa house. He was the former head of the ngakphang Mang and was described by his followers / internally as the "King of Ngakpas " .

Today this place is to be preserved and revived by the following projects are made possible on site.


High-school education and books

Many students do not currently have the opportunity to complete a high-school education because the tuition fees for their families are too high. With the financial help of the education and textbooks is financed . Two students are on the second and two in the third year . Each of them received a compilation of the best books available on the market that will help them in such a way to cope with the entrance examination for the university, which takes place at the end of the third year . This program will be expanded in the future to other parts of Gyawo .

Also books were purchased for the new library , which now for the time being located at one of the villagers. So, people can borrow books on site for their studies or for their leisure time. There were also organizes English courses to determine the level of students and to raise to allow a suitable program for the next year .

Classrooms and library

The corresponding land was purchased for the classrooms and library. This object is the education (mathematics, Tibetan, English , Chinese, computer , Tibetan art and literature, astrology, medicine ... ) of children and adults serve . It may also be used by students to prepare for their exams ( entrance exam for the university, working in public functions).
Cultural and retreat center

The Rigzin Rabpel Ling ngakpa home is being renovated . There are a total of 8 meditation rooms , built with the corresponding infrastructure .

It has already bought land for the construction of a small clinic. There the villagers are using the traditional Tibetan medicine ( TTM) can be treated. There, doctors can study and apply the ancient healing art of TTM .

Can On the side you can track the progress of work.